Saving Money With Energy Efficient Water Heaters

Manufacturers have made many technological advances on their water heaters. They are no longer an oversized tank that contains a heating element in order to heat water. These older models are not energy efficient at all and they could be costing you hundreds of dollars each year in unnecessary heating bills. Newer models are much more efficient in heating water and the very high energy efficient models are even offered with tax rebates or government subsidies.

Most builders almost always install a cheap tank appliance when they build a home. They do this in order to save money on their own costs. These units are either too small for the job in hand or they are the wrong type of model all together.

Smaller homes where there is only one bathroom present will benefit from a tankless water heater. These are on-demand units that only supply hot when it is required by appliances and family members. They are no longer frowned upon where they do not provide enough hot water when required. They are even being used in much larger homes as you can link two together to provide enough hot water for three bathrooms.

Smaller tank models can now be bought that can provide you with the same amount of hot water as your older large water tank. This is because the elements are more efficient at heating water and the tank is also much more efficient at keeping the stored water hot. New technologies such as heat pumps are also able to use a combination of supplying hot water from a tank as well as providing hot water on demand. This means that you have the best of both models within one. This can also be called a hybrid water heater.

Make sure that you speak to an expert before making a purchase and don’t just swap your old water for an exact same model.

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Can Solar Energy Efficiency Stop Climate Change?

All throughout the news and the internet, global climate change has been rearing it’s ugly head more and more often.

The ice caps are said to be melting at an alarming rate, the sun’s rays are getting hotter, and the ozone layer may be in it’s death throes. What can the average person, including you, do about it all? Solar energy efficiency may be the answer you’re looking for.

Solar energy efficiency should begin with the basic solar panel. Solar panels can come in two different forms, photovoltaic or thermal, but photovoltaic solar panels are the ones used most often in residential homes.

Solar panels technology has led the charge over the past couple of decades to get affordable and durable solar panels into the hands of the average citizen, and this had led to an increase in alternative energy usage.

Solar energy efficiency itself cannot stop climate change. This should be obvious to anyone who’s been paying attention to what’s going on – but, it can do a lot to help.

Using solar panels technology itself is a personal declaration that you’re sick and tired of using environmentally hostile forms of energy, and that you support the research and discovery of newer, alternative energies that will help the planet, and not be a hindrance towards it.

Solar panels, systems and individual, are just a good step in the right direction. After using solar panels technology for a little while, you’ll begin to notice other areas in your life that deal with energy and need improvement. It could instill in you the desire to drive a hybrid car, or cut down on travel and oil spending altogether.

Others will see your use of solar panels and will want to buy solar panels for home improvement. There are a myriad of possibilities out there, but it all starts with you first.

It will take a lot more effort to curtail climate change, and the possible shortages and disasters that it may entail for the future. Becoming energy independent and using solar energy efficiency will go a long way in ensuring that you’re doing your part to help the environment, and that you’re conscious of the troubles that are currently inflicting the planet.

Being informed about the problems is one thing. Taking action against them is in a whole different ballpark altogether.

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